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Winged Healer White Sage for Home Demons

There are places where you know you don’t want to stay any longer, that it’s better to go out from this place as soon as possible. Sometimes this can be your home where you live since long time or when just bought a new flat. What shall a person do to be able to stay inside?

Did you even walked inside the room where some people were arguing or fighting? Or to a place where someone were really sick? Even if everything looks fine at first glance you can feel the atmosphere is heavy, stuffy, something’s just not right.

In that case the best is to purify this space. And it’s not about physical cleaning or wiping the dust. It’s all about cleansing the place energetically. What’s interesting, some of this kind of cleansing you can do by yourself. Before doing so, it’s better to know a bit more about it.

White Sage

One of the best methods to purify your space – might be your home, work place or even your garden – is to smudge it by burning the white sage and propagate the smoke everywhere around.

White sage can purify every place from bad energies, bad emotions, unpleasant influences and presences from outside. It gets rid of all low vibrations and uninvited beings like low inteligent presences – says Maciej from Winged Healer, who professionally purifies spaces using ritual magic. It also kills over 94% of bacterias, viruses and germs over the air. Smudging white sage inside will leave a beautiful natural fragrance and perceptible lightness. If you feel tired, have to much tension over your mind and body, feel overwhelmed with your everyday problems, or just feeling sick – it’s extremely recommended to make an aura cleansing ritual with white sage.

Cleansing the space is really simple. At first, close all your doors and windows. You’ll need a candle. The best is casual tea light candle in white colour or made out of beeswax. Light the candle with intention to purify your space. Burn the tip of the white sage smudge stick over the candle. It’s important so it’s exactly white sage, not any other type of sage. You can buy this type of natural smudge sticks and many others at Winged Healer.

First start with smudging yourself around. This will prepare you to be pure “tool” in this ritual. Ask Archangel Michael for protection during this cleansing ceremony and visualise yourself in Archangel Zadkiel’s violet merkabah. Smudging should always go clockwise. You can start saying your own spells if you desire or go with the words: “I smudge myself with this white sage so all bad energies are gone form me and so they don’t have access here anymore”. After that you can start propagate the sage’s smoke in your space starting from the entrance doors.

The direction you walk with the burned smudge stick is important. If you go anti-clockwise starting from your entrance, white sage’s smoke will take any energy from your home, both bad and good. Purifying interiors with white sage totally reset the energy inside. After every time you do ritual with smudge stick, it’s very vital so you invite to your house the energies you want them to be present, e.g. prosperity or just unconditional love.

Please remember, when you need only purification of your space, do it always clock-wise. Because this direction is accordant with the laws of nature, it also restores natural law and order of energies inside.

Winged Healer White Sage for Home Demons 3

The thicker the smoke from the white sage is, the more contaminated your space was. After cleansing your house, you can leave the burning smudge stick at the heatproof dish in the central place of the house so it burns till the end. Heat resistant dishes like big shells or heat-proof glass coasters you can find at the Winged Healer store. When purifying is done, open your doors and windows. Air out your house intensively from all the smoke and at this time you should take a cleansing shower, to cleanse your body after ritual.

Energetic purification will change the atmosphere inside your home completely. From now on, it’s your duty to saturate the interior with the good thoughts, words spoken or the events that will take a place. To uphold healthy atmosphere you can use the fire element. Light some candles – fire ionises the air, supports the home. Please remember this as this times people are more irritable, quarrelsome and embittered than for instance few decades ago. Negative energy does come from somewhere. We all produce it with what we carry and experience inside or just bring with us when coming back home.

Hire the Professional

Sometimes in our sweet home corners something bad happens and even the white sage smudge sticks or white candles can’t cope with these negative energies. Sometimes unexperienced people who “play” with cleansing the places forget or just don’t know the magical OHS and they take these negative energies onto themselves. The worst situation that might happen is when these bad energies are more intelligent or are demonic presences. That’s why it’s so important to call the right person who knows and practice ritualistic methods and are experienced with disposing the uninvited bad guests.

White sage’s smoke or some other herbs’ smoke also shows us what should we get rid from our house and what energies we will be working with. When working with energies we should always be aware to also fill our work or living place with the purest and the most beautiful energies of peace and bless.

After purifying the space, it’s extremely important to air out the house so everything what’s bad leave our house. Take a shower, sit comfortably in your sofa, make yourself a cistus tea and enjoy the amazing atmosphere.

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