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Everyday when we go outside we experience the world with our senses. Besides the visuals, sounds and the things we can touch, we can find out there lots of things we can smell. All of us can name at least few smells that personally we love the most. And we all agree the most beautiful fragrances comes straight from the nature.

In essence, the earth has a whole range of beautiful and wonderful fragrances. Over centuries, people exploring the planet have reached and discovered more and more of them. Wanting to invite these natural smells to their homes people took nature’s gifts and created wonderful products from them or simply kept them unprocessed.

We at Winged Healer follow this lead and we actively looking for the best natural products we can offer to our clients. We have prepared multiple types of incense and dried herbs and no matter your demand on fragrance you want for your home – you will certainly find something for you at our store.

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Incense Sticks

Undeniably, Incense Sticks are the most popular choice worldwide. There is probably no person on the planet who doesn’t know incense sticks. From the many different manufacturers, we hand-picked only these who meet our criteria, which is they must be natural. On this list we found few the most well known and recognised:

  • Golden Nag
  • Nag Champa
  • Tales of India
  • Tribal Soul

When opening any of these incense sticks you can see at first the premium quality of the box and interior. Some of them are neatly tight in another paper bag (like Tribal Soul with attached feather of many colours depending on the fragrance), others are sealed with some sweet Indian fringes looking like it’s royal seal (e.g. Tales of India). But the most important is the quality of these sticks themselves. After unpacking, you can experience beautiful smell of the natural, hand rolled incense. If you take any to your hand you can see it with your bare eyes they literally falling apart just because of no artificial products used to keep its natural ingredients together.

In order to burn the incense securely at home, we do need some holder. There are few types of holders: long ash catchers, round discs to burn multiple incenses at once (sometimes even with combination for cone incenses) or nonstandard custom ceramic or wooden holders for magickal altars or just the home decoration. For more visit our store here.

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Cone Incense

Some of us who like the cone incense prefer to use back flow incense with dedicated burner. They not only look gorgeous but propagate more smoke in order to fill the air over whole space around. The rest of cone incenses, but also the back flow if we don’t have a special burner, they require some heat-proof stand or some metal piece to finish burning without causing any hazard.

In our offer, we do have the same amazing Tribal Soul fragrances for both incense sticks and cone incenses so if you really like any of smells this brand you should be happy to experiment the same fragrance but in different form.

Rope Incense

Having that said to many people while doing sales on live venues, this is quite new on the market. The twisted rope natural incenses, because that’s the full name, are 100% hand made by Nepali household woman who twist the ropes first and then dip it in the natural fluid incense. There is also a second version of making these rope incenses which is sprinkle some incense onto the straight paper sheets then twisting them all together making the twisted rope incense ready to be burned. Don’t hesitate to visit our store for more products like this.

Smudge Sticks

The idea of burning smudge sticks is more to cleanse and purify the space rather that just the smell factor. But burning any of these, including Palo Santo sticks, always leave your house with pleasant fragrance in the air. There are many herbs on the world that can be both excellent air refresher and house purifier. From the long list we can mention the sage family: white sage – the master purifier, black sage – the sleep enhancer, blue sage – inner strength, dragon’s blood sage – boosts healing and enables protection. You can always mix together any type of herb with any of these sages. To see possible combinations and many different types of available smudge sticks, we always suggest you visiting our store.

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